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Well Woman Health Check up

What is the Well Woman Healthcheck?

Performed exclusively by our female clinical team, this healthcheck offers a one-stop, comprehensive medical assessment for women of any age. In addition to blood tests and other baseline measurements, you can choose to
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Follicular Scan

If you are a woman trying to conceive, one of your biggest challenges in fertility as you grow older is the suitability of your eggs.One of the first steps a woman should take when making the decision to conceive is to have Follicle (Follicular) Tracking carried out by your doctor. This will help to identify two things; whether or not she
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Cancer Screening (Pap Smear)

The Papanicolaou test (abbreviated as Pap test, known earlier as Pap smear, cervical smear, or smear test) is a method of cervical screening used to detect potentially pre-cancerous and cancerous processes in the endocervical canal (transformation
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Pelvic and Transvaginal Ultrasound

Pelvic organ ultrasound is used to monitor pregnancy, find cysts on your ovaries, examine the lining of your uterus, look for causes of infertility, and find cancers or benign tumors in the pelvic region. Depending on the view needed, the ultrasound sensor is placed either on your abdomen (pelvic ultrasound) or in your vagina (transvaginal
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Infertility Management

Infertility means not being able to get pregnant after one year of trying. Or, six months, if a woman is 35 or older. Women who can get pregnant but are unable to stay pregnant may also be infertile. Pregnancy is the result of a process that has many steps. To get pregnant:

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Post Natal Care

postpartum period (or postnatal period) is the period beginning immediately after the birth of a child and extending for about six weeks. Less frequently used are the terms puerperium or puerperal period. Although for most women and babies the postnatal period is uncomplicated, care during this period needs
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Antenatal (Pregnancy) Check-up

Antenatal care refers to the regular medical care recommended for women during pregnancy. Antenatal care is a type ofpreventive care with the goal of providing regular check-ups that allow your Obs & Gyn doctor to treat and prevent potential health problems throughout the course of the pregnancy while promoting healthy lifestyles that
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Prenatal Counselling

The goal of every pregnant woman and her doctor is the birth of a healthy baby.  It is advisable and recommended to visit your doctor before your are pregnant. The doctor will do your routine check-up. The tests include Papsmear and check for diabetes and thyroid imbalance. You should discuss regarding any family history of inherited
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